traffic citations

Traffic offenses are painful in terms of time and money, leading to increased insurance premiums and wasted time at the courthouse. You may consider simply paying your ticket to avoid the hassle altogether. DO NOT pay any speeding or traffic ticket without first speaking to a lawyer. By paying your ticket you are admitting guilt and will face the maximum consequence, i.e., increased insurance rates and even losing your driver’s license.

Receiving a conviction for your citation will lead to a large increase in your insurance premium. Our attorneys deal with traffic matters like yours every day and can argue to have your ticket reduced or dismissed all together. This means your insurance premium may not even be impacted.

Fighting your ticket on your own would likely mean taking a day off work to attend court. Then you have the additional hassle of negotiating with the District Attorney. Instead of wasting your own time, our attorneys can appear on your behalf and handle your ticket without you ever setting foot in a courtroom.

Impaired Driving

We handle impaired driving matters for clients throughout Eastern North Carolina. Our attorneys are seasoned trial advocates with a proven record of success obtaining results for people facing DUI charges in Goldsboro, Wayne County, as well as surrounding areas in Eastern North Carolina.

If you face impaired driving charges in Wayne County or any surrounding area, we are here for you. Contact us today online or by telephone at 919-735-6420 to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable North Carolina criminal lawyer.

Felonies & Misdemeanors

If you face criminal charges in North Carolina, our attorneys are here to protect your rights, your reputation, your future, and your freedom. Whether you face state or federal charges, felony or misdemeanor charges, our defense lawyers are prepared to take your case. We are a full-service defense firm and can represent you at all points of the legal process — from pre-charge investigations and bond hearings to grand jury hearings and criminal trials.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Geoffrey Hulse

Geoff was built to be a criminal defense attorney. He has a well-earned reputation as a skillful attorney dedicated to fighting for the rights of his clients. The opportunity to fight for those rights is a great privilege for him. He has over 30 years of experience in misdemeanor, DUI, felony, and traffic defense.

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Worth Haithcock

Worth's practice is dedicated to criminal defense and family law. His goal is helping people facing all types of situations get fair treatment - and to taking every step necessary to protect the rights and freedoms of those he represents.

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