Residential Real Estate

If you're like most people, buying a home is a very significant financial commitment.  As real estate attorneys, we pride ourselves on having the ability to walk you through the process.  Whether it is your first purchase or your dream home, our real estate lawyers are able to help you from the contract to the closing. We understand the stresses that homeowners go through and we can make sure that your home buying is smooth and efficient.

Many home buyers will eventually refinance their house.  Whether you are refinancing for a better rate, a shorter term or opening a home equity line, our real estate attorneys are here to help. We have the tools and staff to get you through the process of a refinance.

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Commercial Real estate

Our attorneys represent and assist clients with a variety of real estate issues including investment opportunities, acquisitions and sales, real estate construction and development, farm and ranch acquisitions and sales, leasing, landlord/tenant matters, land use, zoning, eminent domain, financing, refinancing, mortgages and foreclosures, and other commercial real estate matters.

The Closing Process

Step One

The Homebuyer finds their prospective home and enters into a written contract to purchase with the property's owner. At this stage, the Homebuyer has ideally already obtained pre-approval from their lender to purchase the property.

Step Two

The Homebuyer contacts our office, sometimes with the assistance of their realtor or lender, to conduct a title search of the property and schedule a tentative date for the closing.

sTep Three

Our office conducts a preliminary title search of the property to determine the existence of any defects on the title such as easements, existing mortgages, and judgment liens. Once the search is completed, we report our findings to the homebuyer, lender, and title insurance company.

Step Four

Our office works with all parties to obtain all necessary documentation to ensure a successful closing. Often times, the "cash-to-close" amount needed from the Homebuyer is not determinable until the day of closing. This is usually because of invoices from repairs and modifications required by the Homebuyer or lender that need to be paid out of the closing proceeds.


The Homebuyer meets with our attorney and staff to conduct the closing. At this meeting, the Homebuyer and seller sign all necessary documentation such as the deed, promissory note, and deed of trust.

Real Estate Attorneys

Bryan King

Bryan's practice focuses on real estate matters. He assists clients through the loan closing process including those involving a mortgage loan, home equity line of credit, or simply paying cash. He regularly reviews real estate contracts and assists those who are selling their home. Bryan conducts title searches throughout Wayne County and is approved with all major title insurance companies.

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